Tips on Safe Gun Storage

When it comes to gun storage, safety should never be compromised. Always make sure that you keep your gun safe to avoid authorized access and also for safety reasons. In case you share your home with other people, it is always a good idea to respect their space and keep your gun away.

For safe gun storage, make sure that you come up with a safe procedure that is easy to follow. With a safety routine, you will know what to do every time for safety. Here are safe gun storage tips:

Use a Gun Safe

Using a gun safe is important when storing a gun in your home or office. With a gun safe, you can reduce the risk of accidents and also keep the gun away in a secure location. Choose the right gun safe, depending on the firearm that you would like to store.

Some of the aspects to check to include the size of the firearm and also security features. For some safes, you will need a combination of keys to open while others need you to put fingerprints.

Store Your Gun in a Store and Dry Place

gun storageGuns are made using metal and just like other metals. They are prone to rust. It is advisable to store your gun in a cool and dry place. High humidity is likely to encourage fast rusting, so make sure that you check the environment where you keep your gun.

In case you decide to keep it in an open area, make sure that you wipe it down regularly. Cleaning dust and moisture can help you to reduce the chances of rusting.

Store Your Gun Unloaded

gun safeStoring your gun unloaded is the first gun safety principle. Before you keep your garage, remove all the bullets. It is a layer of security to avoid accidental firing.

In case you are not planning to use it unload it before you keep it, even if someone accidentally gets hold of your gun, it will not be of any use because it does not have any bullets.

Apply Common Sense

Applying common sense is the best advice anyone can give you. When storing your gun or any other dangerous item, apply common sense to avoid accidents. In case you have children, keep the gun in a place that they cannot reach it.

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