Factors to Consider When Buying a Camping Generator

When choosing a camping generator, you need to understand that they are different from home generators. Camping generators are designed to meet your energy needs while in the woods.

For starters, you need to determine your power needs and, preferably, the brand. The brand name matters a lot, considering that different manufacturers focus on different things. Some brands might be known for producing silent and powerful generators, while others might focus on other aspects such as portability. That said, here are some factors to consider when buying a camping generator.

Noise Levels

Camping can be relaxing if you do not have to put up with noise from the generator. Moreover, some camping sights might have some regulations that are aimed at curbing noise pollution. In light of this, it makes sense to go for a generator that operates quietly.


The fact that you have to carry the generator when you go for a camp means that you need a portable generator. If you opt for a substantial generator, make sure that you have what it takes to carry it. If you go for a smaller generator, then this means that you will be able to transport it easily.

Power Rating

One of the most important things to consider when buying a generator is the amount of power that it can provide. However, generators are not created equal. Therefore, you should pay attention to your power needs while shopping for a generator. Make sure that you buy a generator that can meet your energy needs. Also, most generators cannot run at a 100% efficiency, so make sure that you go for a generator with a high rating, preferably 10% more wattage than your energy needs.


Lastly, you should go for a generator that has a lengthy warranty period. A long warranty, something like one or two years, could be indicative that the generator is of high quality. You should avoid a generator that does not have a warranty, irrespective of how cheap it might seem. And this will make a lot of sense if your generator accidentally stops functioning when it is still new.

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