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Understanding the Different Types of Hot Tubs

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A hot tub is a small pool or large tub of water filled with hot aerated water and can be used by one or more people for physical therapy and recreation. There are hot hubs that are custom constructed in-ground and portable ones at inflatable hot tub center. Here are the different types of hot tubs:

hot tub portableInflatable Hot Tubs

This is a tub that you blow up with air and filled with hot aerated water and can be used by one or more people for physical therapy and recreation. Since you blow it up, you don’t have to install permanently to the ground. You can carry it around even to tours and adventure.

Portable Hot Tubs

Portable hot tubs are the tubs that can be carried around with comfort and are not permanently constructed. If you are looking for a perfect configuration, size, and color, a portable hot tub is ideal for you.

These varieties are commonly used and cheaper than permanent built hot tubs since they don’t need construction and maintenance fees. Portable hot tubs can have lighting options, headrests, and air jets with self-inflating pumps and temperature adjustments.

Wood Fire Hot Tubs

The experience of using wood fired hot tubs is a unique one, although it demands a lot of preparation to use one. You can place it anywhere in your compound since it is not permanently constructed in a particular area because you don’t have to bother supplying electricity.

Woodfire hot tubs depend on fire as its source of heat. So you will keep on adding wood to it, and you must have the provision for burning wood in your compound. They also have a different sort of old-fashioned charm, and they are aesthetically pleasing.

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In-Ground Hot Tubs

The in-ground hot tubs can be constructed as an external part of a swimming pool. They are constructed by a contract company or hire a specialist. Since they need construction and maintenance, the in-ground hot tub cost is more expensive compared to portable ones and the ones bought in a store.

However, despite the cost, they are more comfortable and have higher customization. You can build it with any feature, style, or design, and you can make changes in the layout and design.

When choosing a hot tub, you should choose the one that is applicable to your area and can be used for a long. You should consider the number of jets, the number of seats, the number of pumps, and other additional features like audio systems and lighting.…